Cloud Protection + CDN

We use the latest in cloud computing technologies with the power of our distributed cloud-based framework to keep your site delivering content quickly and securely. We can help you automate, control, and backup your company's data in case of malicious attack.

Cryptex offers advanced cloud security with powerful protection options:

DDoS Protection

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS ) is a web attack designed to stop online services by overwhelming it with large amounts of traffic. These attacks go after a wide range of industries from financial services like banks and trading to news and ecommerce sites. This creates a major threat in ensuring your online presence is stable and untarnished.

Our technology is able to defend against all types of DDoS attacks. How? By utilizing a stable foundation network and industry leading methodologies for traffic examination. We protect against all types of DDoS including:

  • Application Layer Attacks - Overtake your application or service by deploying low traffic at a constant rate
  • Volume Based Attacks - Consumes all available bandwidth to cause congestion for legitimate users
  • Protocol Attacks - Targets available server resources, firewalls, and load balances

These attacks are not just originating from hackers, a college student, a mad employee or customer can orchestrate a DDoS and bring your business to a halt. Trendmicro Research reports that it only takes $150 to buy a seven day DDoS attack on the black market.

Cryptex protects your network with a full layer of defenses including a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to stop attacks from all sources. Cryptex defends against the strongest of attacks targeting Layer 3/4 and 7.

All DDoS traffic that would otherwise harm your network is directed to our national DDoS filter. Our service is always active and provides constant monitoring. No extensive hardware or software configuration required.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Content Delivery Networks are a collection of geographically distributed servers that send cached content to users based on their location.

Why does your business need a CDN?

Let's say your business website is hosted in Chicago, IL. Every web visitor coming to your site, whether from Minnesota or Mexico, accesses your one server in Chicago. What if you get a sudden surge of traffic? This can overwhelm your server, leading to slow loading times or your server crashing which leads to costly downtime.

Since a CDN is a network, the traffic is spread out among the different servers where your site's information is already cached or stored for fast loading. If you have visitors from any part of the world, they will be routed to the closest network server instead of flooding the same one.

There are several benefits for CDN implementation:

Faster Speed

Your visitors are directed to the server within their proximity leading to a better user experience.

Better SEO - Google rewards faster sites with better search engine ranking.

Improved Security

While faster load times and higher SEO is important for your business, Cryptex leverages the flexibility of CDN's to protect your network.

The Cryptex Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a next generation system designed to integrate data centers globally to deliver your website and applications to your customers while blocking harmful surges in traffic.

As our lives become more connected online, it can be a challenge to keep up with the evolving cloud technology landscape. Let Cryptex optimize your security to give you better performance and availability. Keep your customers happy, your website protected, and your brand reputation intact with our Cloud Protection Services.