Code Review

Your IT network is your company's fortress. Standing tall and formidable, your fortress protects against hackers, bots, malware, and the entire scope of online security threats. However, your castle is only as strong as its foundation.

In real life, your foundation is your code. Online threats often follow the path of least resistance. If there is poorly designed code, your business might as well be built on a bed of clay.

What is keeping your organization's information safe?

To fortify your network, Cryptex performs a complete code inspection for your applications:

Expert Code Review

Cryptex will expertly inspect every line of code to find security flaws and find the critical weak points. Software programs are written by humans who naturally make mistakes.

Even if your developer does check their code, security gaps can be missed because they don't see the code through our security perspective. Writers need editors to find their mistakes, and programmers need the same safety net to catch weak code.

When done properly, code review saves time by addressing possible problems before they wreak havoc causing more time-intensive issues down the road. By finding security loopholes, code reviews also save money by preventing major downtime caused by malicious attacks. A little dose of prevention goes a long way.

Code Bugs on Lockdown

Code review is one of the best ways of noticing and destroying possible security bugs as well as increasing visibility and understanding throughout all levels of your organization. Our team combines the best in modern tech resources and human experience to look at all levels of your code. We look for the common mistakes like correct process synchronization, error conditions, and security assets leaks.

While there are peer reviews and automated programs for code evaluation on the market, they fall in one extreme and neglect the other. Peer reviews are important, but your development team may be biased against finding their own errors. Automated tools alone can find errors, but lack the human element to understands your business goals and code environment. We will walk you through and explain code errors to you and your development team. Then, we recommend the best fixes to strengthen your company's defenses.

Cryptex strikes the perfect symmetry to find the weaknesses and best solution for your business.

Just Say No to Bad Code

No programmer sets out to make weak code. However, without a background in secure coding standards, your applications are at risk. SQL injections and cross-site scripting are two of the most common attacks which can allow the hacker to take control of your server and retrieve sensitive data like usernames, credit card information, and other valuable business materials. But there is a silver lining.

Proper code validates and sanitizes data when it comes into contact with your database. Inexperienced programs can overlook these details and can also write code using less secure languages. IT administrators can miss these critical areas while reviewing projects. Cryptex discovers weak code to stop the hackers from getting inside your network.

Future Program Sustainability

In a perfect world, your development team should program with the present and future in mind. Your business might be a regional company now, but what about future growth? Could your website or app handle increased traffic if it went national or to global markets?

Ideally, your web enterprise should be scalable. Cryptex can help you review your code to examine its current capabilities and advise on how to build for the future. Code review makes it easier to add security protocols and share important knowledge for your development team down the road.

Protect your IT network with a strong foundation.

Code review is a powerful way to find the bugs and cracks in your programming before attackers sneak inside and steal your information. Want to get started on your code review? Contact Cryptex today.