Mobile App Security

There are more Internet-connected mobile devices than humans on earth. With the growing emergence of employees using their personal devices for work activities, safeguarding your business mobile apps through access management and data protection should be a critical part of your organizational plan.

Mobile app security is important for two reasons:

An increasingly popular option for employees, "Bring Your Own Device" or "BYOD", makes work life more accessible, but also leaves your information at risk. If an employee unknowingly downloads a dangerous program on their phone, it can threaten your company app by inserting itself in the phone's framework, quietly lurking for information to steal.

The same risks affect your commercial apps on the market. If your app is available to download for customers, it can easily be hacked without your users knowing. And it happens quickly. Research shows an app hack can take just a few minutes. Your ecommerce or informational app can be compromised, leaving your user's data exposed.

Most of your employee or users are probably not thinking about mobile security when they are ordering a gift from their phone or downloading a new app on their new tablet. But your company needs to stay alert on threats within the mobile environment or within your app itself.

Is your company prepared to take on mobile app security?

Here is why mobile security is such a big deal:

  • 100% of the top 100 paid apps on the Google Android platform have been hacked
  • 56% of the top 100 paid apps for Apple iOS have been hacked
  • 73% of popular free apps on Android have been hacked
  • 53% of popular free apps on Apple iOS have been hacked

Mobile app security protects your company's apps from malware, hackers, and other attacks. It is time to keep your employees and customer safe.

Cryptex is a unique cyber security company. We look at the entire big picture to the smallest detail to give your company complete security coverage.

Our comprehensive protection design integrates with all levels of your mobile app:


There are a few ways hackers can invade your app, even at the most fundamental layer of code. Mobile attacks find the code weaknesses and inject malware into the app directly. Or, attackers can get a public copy of an app to reserve engineer its contents and repackage it as a legitimate resource available for unaware users to download. In both cases, bad code is the gate into access.

Building a secure application is the first step in security. Cryptex provides code review for your apps to find weak coding before it causes a bigger problem.


Your mobile app's code is important to security, but is depends on the supporting device. Jailbroken and rooted phones or devices with rogue apps jeopardize your app. If your employees use a company app, Cryptex helps you determine their device's safety. The first step is prevent your app from operating on exploited devices. Jailbroken and rooted phones don't have original protection, leaving them less effective at stopping threats.

If you're a company with an app on the market, a phone or tablet doesn't have to be compromised for malware to get inside. If users grant too much access to their device, your app can be comprised.

Examples of this are common: downloading questionable programs, giving apps unnecessary permissions to access other applications like email and calendars.

Cryptex defends against outside malicious content and protect your employee/user devices from exposing sensitive business information.


Mobile apps by big brands allow users to easily shop, earn points, and store personal information. But in some cases, even for global corporations, security at the gates is lacking. Their security loopholes can put your app at risk.

In 2015, Starbucks confirmed it stored emails and passwords in clear text so anyone with phone access could see sensitive data. How would this affect your business? It is common for users to use the same login email and password across several apps.

What would happen if your app was accessed with this same information?

Cryptex ensures control access to stop fraud and unauthorized login from hackers and criminals. We make sure your employee's or user's login is stored securely on the device as well as provide remote wipe capabilities if the device is stolen or lost.

Mobile application security will remain a significant factor for businesses as more employees mix personal and professional information on the same device. Mobile app security is also a critical factor in protecting your commercial apps for public use.

Cryptex understands the importance of both convenience and security.

Our adaptable, yet powerful platform protects different operating systems, phones, and devices from malicious attacks on your mobile app. We provide device protection without disrupting the employee or customer mobile experience.

Don't leave your mobile app defenseless. Learn what Cryptex security can do for your company today.