Network Audit/Analysis + Recommendations


What is a Network Security Audit?

Network audits help your company analyze and study network data in order to determine its current health and potential areas of improvement.

Optimization is key. Is your network slow and unreliable? A network audit can outline the specific pain points so your IT department does not waste time and money without a specific game plan. Even if your network is currently meeting your needs, it is always a good time to plan an audit to look into future requirements.

Above all, a network audit is a critical step in discovering problems before they grow into major issues.

Networks are a fluid organism within your company. They expand, shrink, and divide constantly. Often this happens with or without your administrators knowledge. Your employees can add new programs, devices, and hardware to your network architecture. How easy is it for users to add or remove entities? IBM reports 95% of all security incidents involve human error. Successful attacks are becoming more sophisticated through hacker's ambitious design and human mistakes.

Cryptex provides comprehensive network auditing for customers and businesses in the St. Louis region and throughout the country. Our audits help us get a better view into your system so we can provide long-term security support. We provide assistance for networks powered by Windows, Linux, Mac, and UNIX.

Our Systematic Approach

Our team does not just show up, look around at a few things, and leave everything up to you. We look at all aspects of your network:

  • Security
  • Implementation of control
  • Availability
  • Management
  • Performance

We collect data, weaknesses, and threats to find the most effective areas of improvement. Network audits look at two categories of information. First we look at static materials like system definitions, protocols, password requirements, and firewall parameters. The second half of your network includes software activities like databases and file transfers.

By utilizing both automated tools and direct management, we map out your entire network including all machines, devices, and accounts. We scrutinize every program and service running as well as all printers, routers, and network storage.

Benefits of Network Auditing

After all this information is gathered, Cryptex dives into the data to find trends, patterns, and flaws. Network auditing is a beneficial business decision, but can be daunting for most organizations. We look at everything so you can focus on running your company.

Is any machine running unauthorized programs?

Are all machines current with updates and patches?

What are potential security weak points?

How can the network be optimized for future growth?

After these and other important questions are addressed, Cryptex recommends the necessary changes to bring your network up to standard. Your IT department now has a security benchmark for all activities in the future.

Cryptex network security audits can:

Ensure high-performance of your network

Network audits should be conducted regularly as a part of your larger security strategy. Finding issues while they are small is critical in avoiding costly downtime and loss of information.

Record baseline criteria for machines and applications

Network analysis checks for updated hardware and software platforms. These items can cause serious damage if they left outdated.

Compare your network's current standard with future requirements

Your business's goal is to grow. Can your current network support your future plans? A network audit will help you see where your business stands now and plan for new developments.

Provide detailed recommendations on security issues

One of the most important reasons to have a network audit is to see what problem areas exist and how they can harm your network. Threats to your network's security come from outside attacks like hackers and criminals, but can also start from inside your company's walls from employee misuse. A network audit can help you know your network's health and ability to grow in the future.

Meet industry regulations and compliance

If you have a financial, healthcare, or law business, it is your responsibility to know the specific information laws applicable to your organization. Cryptex can help you understand the sea of regulations and how to keep your data compliant with our network audit. Network audits are important to every aspect of your business. Networks can dramatically evolve over time, and these new developments can create new security hazards. To learn more about how you can protect your company or to schedule an audit, contact us today.