Networking Monitoring + Detection + Protection

Many businesses assume their IT systems are adequately protected with firewalls and scanners. But cyber criminals are working constantly to develop advanced means of infiltrating your company's network. Many security programs fail to recognize sophisticated attacks, and if they do, it is too late to prevent it.

As quickly as a malicious program enters through one access point, it can compromise your entire system and bring your organization to a halt.

An attack often leads to critical data that is tampered, stolen, or corrupted. If information is malfunctioning or erased, productivity among departments and partners can fail. Customer orders fall through the cracks. Your administrator scrambles for a solution. What was the exact source of the attack? Was sensitive information compromised?

These questions present serious consequences.

Hackers sell customer's personal information like names, social security numbers, and credit card information, and this can make your company liable for the data.

These scenarios can be averted with the right tools. Cryptex offers a complete package of networking monitoring, detection, and protection for your IT framework. Our targeted applications guard your data and proactively find problems before they start:

Network Monitoring

Cryptex provides full visibility into the health and performance of your network. Our technology automatically watches over all aspects of your network structure to monitor, notify, and report. Realtime status accounts tell you where the problems are before programs crash and users call.

Networks can be complicated. There might be dozens of different servers, switches, devices, and programs under one company. Get peace of mind with one central network monitoring system to find problems with a easy to understand dashboard. Cryptex also lets you track your network's performance to find sluggish spots to repair them and hosts historical data for long-term analysis.

Network Detection + Protection

Monitoring your network isn't a service unless there is fast threat detection. Cryptex gives real-time detection alerts when we find suspicious or unauthorized activity on your network. While monitoring, our detection system scans all traffic and connections for attacks.

For example, slow loading times for your website or applications can be a sign of a malware attack. In order to detect slow aspects of the network, we look at IP addresses, port numbers, and protocols for data collection. With this information, we can determine threats before they become major issues.

Cyptex's monitoring dashboards, forecasting and reporting allows us to better protect your network. With increasing reliance on technology, protection is not a luxury or side item. Network protection needs to be your priority. Besides sophisticated attacks from outside attacks, your own employees can be at risk by opening emails with malicious attachments or downloading unauthorized attachments. Our software tools stop threats other security companies miss; we discover and prevent threats in realtime.

Your network is more than a collection of monitors and machines; it is the backbone of your success. Cryptex gives your business a high level of visibility into the dangers and possibilities for your network to make your system resilient.