Vulnerability Scan

You already follow basic security measures while you're online like deleting unknown emails or not downloading files from questionable sources. But these threats represent only a fraction of possible malicious attacks.

How do you keep up with all the dangers?

Your business system can potentially hold thousands of security weaknesses waiting to be exploited by hackers. Automated vulnerability scanning finds existing weak points in your network, websites, and applications.

While developments in cloud computing, mobile apps, and web services increase convenience for your company and employees, they present attractive targets for hackers. Web attacks occur on all types of web-based tools including:

  • Shopping Carts
  • Password Information
  • Credit Card Information
  • Social Security Numbers

With this information, hackers can take over an employee's personal Facebook account or commit fraud in your company's name. Don't become a statistic in the growing number of companies hacked each year. Cryptex scans all of your web services for thousands of vulnerabilities.

The importance of vulnerability scanning cannot be overstated. Your company's apps, site, and even blogs are gateways into private information. Also, more web resources are built with open source software like Wordpress, Drupal, and Magento leading to less security compared to custom-built platforms.

Cryptex goes above and beyond standard vulnerability analysis:

Safe and Accurate Scanning

Cryptex scans your entire network including servers, desktops, web apps, and more for security vulnerabilities. We test according to OWASP and SCAP security best practices. Not all scanners are equal. While downloading a free scanner program may seem like a practical alternative, it could lead to spending more money in the long-run trying to fix what fell through the cracks.

False-positives and false-negatives are common in free and low quality scanners. False-positives lead your IT department down a rabbit hole chasing an non-existent issue wasting time on real threats. False-negatives pose greater risks since the scanner did not properly alert a possible security vulnerability.

Cryptex detects and classifies weaknesses in your system without missing critical details or interfering with productivity.

Fast Detection with Alerts

After completing your customized scan, Cryptex catalogs the type of threat and its severity so we can make a long-term plan to address your most common threats. How do we find the vulnerabilities? We perform both authenticated and unauthenticated scans:

Authenticated - We login to your network as a registered user looking for vulnerabilities exposed to your employees.

Unauthenticated - We conduct the scan as an unauthorized user looking for weakness to exploit.

When looking for the best vulnerability scanner, your company should prioritize both accuracy and speed. If there is a threat, your company needs to know immediately before a hacker exploits the security gap. Cryptex provides real time detection and alerts in order to find the right time-effective solution.

Clear, Comprehensive Reporting

Cryptex is with your company every step of the way. We scan, detect, and report our findings with your team once our scan is complete. Our reports include a breakdown of all vulnerabilities, prioritized by threat level and scope. We also work on making a comprehensive security outline to protect against current and future threats.

High-quality vulnerability scanning is a must have for every small to enterprise-sized business. You may think an attack can't happen to you. But without knowing your blind spots, your organization is left vulnerable to the growing number of cyber dangers that can cause expensive downtime or data loss.

Compliance is another factor to consider. If your organization is in healthcare, law, or finances, there are strict IT laws to ensure your client's information is safe. Don't risk client or employee information. Contact Cryptex to get precise insight into your network.