Web App Security

Web applications are an integral part of our technology toolkit. Yet, as web apps become an everyday part of our lives, they are developing into a bigger target for malicious attacks. Web application security should be a top priority for businesses big and small since 50 percent of security breaches occur through web applications.

Is your web app secure?

The professionals at Cryptex review your processes, procedures, and frameworks to find vulnerabilities and provide the most effective solutions. Whether your app is in production or has already been released, we protect against all types of cyber threats.

Hackers can steal:

  • Confidential Company Data
  • Financial and Credit Card Information
  • User Accounts and Passwords

These attacks are growing in volume and devastation. There are several reasons why hackers love web apps:

Easy Access

Web apps are connected to the Internet which creates an open access gate for widely available dangerous tools, like SQL injections or session hijacking. Instead of infiltrating a remote program, attackers can simply login from anywhere in the world. In a growing number of cases, hackers don't even need to use outside programs. Hackers use legitimate user credentials that are weak, default, or stolen to access your web app.

Newer Security Controls

Web apps have exploded in recent time, but overall security does not pace with threats. Web apps normally don't have the same defenses in place for older computer systems like networks or operating systems. Less layers of security means more opportunities for breaches.

Quick Development and Mixed Code

Some web developers use short-cuts and bad coding practices to meet deadlines faster. Design and function are prioritized while security is overlooked. Also, a more popular way to develop web apps is to incorporate code from a variety of entities including in-house, contractor, and third-party resources. While advantageous, this hybrid code can lead to more vulnerabilities.

Web apps. Great for users; easy prey for hackers

What can your business do to protect against web application threats?

Cryptex protects the good guys in your organization and keeps the hackers out. We protect against top vulnerabilities such as code injections, invalidated redirects, and sensitive data exposure. Web application vulnerabilities normally start at the foundation. Weak programming allows for bugs to creep inside undetected.

Secure coding practices are the logical first step for protecting your web apps. But even if your app is past the development stage, our team is ready. If you have any doubts about your program's code, we provide comprehensive code review (link) to analyze possible risks and measure critical event contingency.

We don't stop there. Our web app security goes beyond the standard industry toolkit. As your partner, Cryptex aligns our technology experience with your business strategies and requirements. By creating scalable security designs, your business can grow without sacrificing performance.

Our company works with leading corporations and enterprises from finance, healthcare, and education. As a complete security solutions, we can help you:

  • Align business and IT security goals into one cohesive strategy
  • Provide insight into your operations and vulnerabilities
  • Configure and organize security solutions specific to your business

We begin with a thorough examination of your code and hosting to identify all weak points. Our team meets with you to discuss the strongest, long-term solutions. We also provide training and for your staff and developers on best practices on security. Your web app is extensively tested according to the highest industry standards of OWASP.

Are you ready to get protected?

Contact Cryptex today for your one-on-one consultation for more information on our cost effective and reliable IT solutions.